group show curated by matt bollinger

06/29/2016 - 07/29/2016 

Opening reception Tuesday, June 28, 6 - 8 pm

Artists : Taylor Baldwin, Matt Bollinger, Angela Dufresne, Rachel Frank, Meena Hasan, Amanda Lechner, Sangram Majumdar, Katharina Ziemke

33 Bleecker Street
New York NY 10012

Planetary Analog at Prairie Lights, Iowa City

An Exhibition by Amanda Lechner
On view from May 30 - June 26, 2016
exhibition reception on
Friday, June 17th from 6 - 8 PM 

My interest and research into planetary science often finds adaptation in my paintings and drawings. Over the last several months I have made scores of small drawings with ink and paint that began as supplements to my paintings but have become a distinct body of work. These drawings are improvisational and exploratory, often the subject presents itself through the process of drawing. Gestures, story-lines or patterns emerge expanding sometimes from an initial mark or shape, other times from text. Themes relating to space travel, philosophy,  land, planetary research and meta-physics came to the forefront in this drawing series.
I first learned about the idea of terrestrial analog field testing and research while speaking with a geologist at the University of Iowa. Her research into volcanos and earth strata evolved to have practical applications for climate study and Mars research. Through the study of sites on Earth, especially in remote and extreme environments, scientists are learning about the possible make-up of planets, moons, and stars outside our own celestial neighborhood. Inversely an Earth analog is another planet or moon with conditions comparable to aspects of our planet over time in terms of size, geology, atmosphere and relative temperature. The interest in Earth analogs has been a mainstay in science, philosophy and science fiction narratives. The search for familiarity among the stars could have implications for re-habitation and colonization or communication with life forms more-or-less like ourselves. Every day we are learning more about our planetary neighbors; Mars may have been closely similar to Earth at a different point in deep time. The most likely Earth analog outside our solar system is “Kepler-438b” a planet 12 light-years away that orbits a red dwarf star and may harbor temperature and geologic conditions similar to Earth.
I have selected and arranged 45 drawings that have narrative and visual linkages to the idea of the Planetary Analog

TSA New York - The Flat Files: Year Three

December 11, 2015 – January 3, 2016
Opening Friday, December 11, 6-9pm
TSA is pleased to present an exhibition to celebrate the launch of our 2015 Flat File program. The 33 artists in this exhibition were chosen from an open call, attracting a range of strong and diverse artists. The selected artworks represent a wide array of approaches towards flat media. Practices of drawing, collage, printmaking, and photography are deployed in radically different manners across this group of artists. In many cases the selected works are emblematic of the core enterprise of that artist, while for some this work represents a surprising departure from a larger creative project. The small-scale format becomes an elastic site for play and exploration, either within or outside pre-formed artistic parameters.
During this exhibition and throughout the year visitors are welcome to browse and purchase artworks from the flat file. Individual pieces from the Flat File Program will be selectively highlighted throughout the year. As of December 11th, all works can be viewed online at
The 2015 Flat File features works by: Wayne Adams, Paolo Arao, Irena Azovsky, Dan Becker, Alex Blau, Ewelina Bochenska, Ryan Browning, Amanda Burnham, Eddie Chu, Martha Clippinger, Julie Curtiss, Jon Duff, Shanti Grumbine, Robert Howsare, Hai-Hsin Huang, Casey Jex Smith, Dana Kane, Locke King, Amanda Lechner, Ernest Lopez, Nicole Mauser, Mikhail Mishin, Debra Ramsay, Sean Riley, Jeremy Roby, Christopher Schade, Jessica Slaven, Eliza Stamps, Jamie Steele, Krista Svalbonas, Caleb Taylor, Christina Tenaglia, and Rachael Wren.

Art in America @ Satelite

Artists working in 50 states + Puerto Rico
Curated by Julie Torres 
Featured in Tiger Strikes Asteroid’s Artist-Run at The Satellite Show Miami
December 1-6, 2015
OPENING Tuesday Dec 1, 6-10 PM
ON VIEW Wed 12- 9 PM/Thurs-Sat 12-10 PM/Sun 12-6 PM
ROOM 214, Ocean Terrace Hotel, 7410 Ocean Terrace, Miami Beach

Meeting Point - Korean Cultural Center Washington, D.C.

Meeting Point
The Korean Cultural Center Washington, D.C. proudly presents Meeting Point, a new exhibition of contemporary works by nine Korean and American multicultural artists that strives to shift viewers’ established perspectives and explore the diverse relationships between artist, audience, and exhibition space. A free, public opening reception and introduction to the artist will take place on Tuesday, Nov. 10 at 6:00 p.m.
Amanda LechnerJong OhBohyun YoonJon Rajkovich, Seung Ah LeeSun ChoiWonJung ChoiJiPil Jung, and Benjamin Stout conceived of this unique exhibition as a collaborative mind-map that weaves together topics of race, culture, gender, history, politics and the nature of everyday life into a single, multiform art exhibition. 
By connecting all these aspects that both challenge and define society – by finding their various meeting point – the artists seek to build relationships between the audience, artist, and space. 
Meeting Point employs materials as diverse as its themes, including visual, installation, mirrors, sculpture, metalworking, glasswork, and video art. Despite the novelty of the materials and diverse experiences presented to viewers, the artist composed the exhibition not to express an original statement, but to elicit understanding of how society is continually changing around and within us. 

This exhibition will remain on view through Nov. 30 (no RSVP required during regular hours: M-F, 9 am-noon & 1:30-5:30 pm). 
Meeting Point
WHAT: Exhibition, introductory talk, & opening reception
WHO: Amanda Lechner, Jong Oh, Bohyun Yoon, Jon Rajkovich, Seung Ah Lee, Sun Choi, WonJung Choi, JiPil Jung, and Benjamin Stout
Opening Reception: Tuesday, November 10 @ 6:00 p.m. 
Special Viewing Hours: Saturday, Nov. 14, 12-5 pm (no RSVP required)
On View: November 10 – 30 (no RSVP required, M-F, 9 am-noon & 1:30-5:30 pm)
WHERE: Korean Cultural Center Washington, D.C. (2370 Massachusetts Ave. NW) 
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