In the past year the European Space Agency landed the Rosetta/Philae spacecraft on the surface of comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko, Homo naledi was added to the human species’ family tree, evidence suggesting water once flowed over Mars was discovered and four new elements were added to the periodic table! Current events seem like the futurism or dystopia of past generations. 

Through my work I envision moments of experimentation and discovery. My current drawings and egg tempera paintings embody the quest for narrative alternatives. The history of science informs the content of my recent work. The beginning of scientific discovery is inexorably linked to artistic practices through materials, tools and procedures. My painting practice using egg-tempera is a rigorous process that relates to the birth of scientific inquiry. Egg-tempera is a paint that is mixed each day from ground pigment and egg albumen based on historical recipes. My studio, a strewn-field of multi-colored powders, nature specimens, solutions and implements, often looks a bit like an alchemist’s laboratory. These connections are integral in my work and to the future of our culture as a whole.

Discovering, analyzing and understanding phenomena are practices that artists and scientists share, but differ in approach. The profoundly strange and wonderful ideas offered by quantum physics, alchemy and science-fiction find a visual adaptation in my work. Pseudo-sciences and super-natural investigations are also very intriguing as wellsprings for narrative potential.  The depictions in my paintings mix the factual and observed with the invented and personal. 

This project is about curiosity; the area where art illuminates ideas and blurs the boundaries between science, philosophy, and human experience. What leeds seekers to make their discoveries? What were they doing when they had their “eureka” moment? How do they view the future? I am not interested in producing illustration. My aim is to be informed and inspired by my subject matter towards imagery that is rooted in narrative yet open to interpretation. 
Through a combination of visual and narrative experiments I explore the nature of reality, history, gender and personal experience and hope to create images that are at once captivating and anomalous. 
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